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Surviving office politics:swimming with the Sharks

In almost all work situations, there are some office politics. When there are humans involved there is politics. This happens even in families. The game of influencing, threatening, pressuring, convincing, and yielding or complying be it soft or hard are always present in human interactions. Some years ago, I had the chance of attending an enlightening lecture by a Belgian author, Jean Jacques Creve Coeur who wrote “Relations & jeux de pouvoir”.

I have traveled fairly well in this path in my work career. As a junior, I yielded more easily, sometimes I gave in unconsciously. At the start, I was often a door mat: I would not react either out of fear or timidity or out of not wanting to create waves. As I grew older and when I acquired more experience and responsibilities in the working environment, my level of awareness of “office politics” also increased. I have learned how to discern the office politics and how to be saved from situation before it gets out of hand.

In the nutshell, I learned when and how to play with the sharks without being eaten by them. I practiced the art of turning an unavoidable evil into a source of information for better understanding and better informed actions. Just like rumors, one needs to know which part of it is false (intoxication) and which part has a base of truth. Who are the guys spreading the rumors and for what purpose is the propaganda? Who are the initiators, designers and who are the unconscious carriers of the rumors?

I always thought that if I was made aware of the intricacies of “office politics” well ahead, I would have acted in some cases better. “Un homme avisé en vaut deux”. Can one attend a seminar on the subject?

As a matter of interest, at least those who might be swimming with some sharks now, I like to share with you a power point presentation on the theme. May the PowerPoint get you to think and be warned ahead?

Pas Bliye Nou Rasinn

Not long ago, there was on the 17 July 2006 a symposium for the Mauritian Diaspora: « Pa Bliye nou Rasinn ». I am presently viewing the DVD of the event which I could not attend. The DVD is on sale @ Capav Production Tel. 230 4672911.

The present government, through the measures expressed in the budget seems to encouraging our Diaspora to invest in our country. Indeed maintaining the bond of Mauritian worldwide is essential. Portals, websites and blogs are excellent vehicles to achieve the communications interchange.

I have to cite & congratulate Madeleine & Clancy Philippe for the good work to have created and for maintaining a portal for the Mauritius – Australia link. I would like to see more similar initiatives. Radio Moris is yet another commendable action.

We need the Diaspora as much as they need us. We all share the same root “meme rassinn” and have so much in common. To see that Mauritius is doing well is in itself a source of pride for the overseas Mauritian.

As is the case with all Diasporas, the bonds remain lasting for generations. Israel has always survived with the support of its overseas Jews. India recently has amended its law to give special consideration to its large Diaspora. China for that matter had always had a ministry of overseas Chinese to serve the vast number of overseas Chinese. Rightly, China experienced that by far the largest investment in China since its open policy, originated from overseas Chinese.

Could Mauritius, like India and China give a special status to the members of the Diaspora?

What is NLP?

As most of you who live in Mauritius, you would have enjoyed a Holyday today: The Feast of the lord Ganesh, the god of wisdom. I flashed back to the days ,when I used to frequently visit Bombay and attended the feast at Elephanta caves,an island across The Gate of India in Colaba. The eve of the festival day now gave me the opportunity to sleep late so that I could enjoy the late morning wake up.The wake time was spent refreshing my old notes and browsing the web on the new developments thereon.

You will recall that at age 48, I decided to reequip myself with new competencies to further my active life. Indeed, one of the subjects I studied was NLP. You will find at least 2 links to NLP institutions which will explain to you what it is all about and how NLP could help you in your life. These life skills, to which I have been initiated to, worked wonders for me. I now realized how these skills transformed my outlook in life and how the acquired skills were of the greatest help to me during the rough time I traveled the recent years.

Would you like to be more in control of your behavior? Would you like to be more conscious of your moods and act more calmly in a way to achieve what you really want? Would you like to have better communications skills to understand others and be able to influence them? Would you like to be more creative and happier? What about learning to learn?

NLP incorporates a number of techniques and more importantly integrates the latest discoveries in the functioning of the Brain.

This morning when I lazily got out of my bed, I thought that I might have acquired more wisdom: Thanks to NLP

La Relation Mari et Femme

“Par respect pour le Christ, soyez soumis les uns aux autres ;

les femmes, à leur mari, comme au Seigneur Jésus ;

car, pour la femme, le mari est la tête, tout comme, pour l’Église, le Christ est la tête, lui qui est le Sauveur de son corps.”

Texte de l’Epitre Ephés. 5,21 que j’ai entendu a la messe d’hier.

Pour mon esprit qui vadrouille sans cesse, m’est venu a l’esprit une thèse que mon oncle, un créatif, avait sur le sujet.

Il disait :” si l’homme est la tête de la famille, comme médecin, en analogie du corps humain pour décrire les relation familiales, la femme devrait être le cou.

En effet, le cou est à la base de la tête. Le cou soutient la tête. Le cou donne la direction du regard à la tête et le fait girouetter.

Ainsi, sans le cou, la tête perd sa direction et son soutien. Le cou ne sert pas a grande chose sans la tête. Ils sont tous partis de l’ensemble du corps.”

Quelle belle leçon d’interdépendance !

Fish Hub marred by irresponsible parties?

Ledefi 19 Augle defi 19 Aug

From what I gathered, whilst on the one hand, we want the fish hub to be one of the pillars of our new economic development, our civil service, on the other, is lagging behind to providing the minimum requirements for the entry of our products to the targeted market: the European Market.

Not only do we have to produce the right product at the right price and at the right time, the exporter must ensure that the products are certified for the importing country. Has the authorities done there job properly? How do we stop irresponsible parties to mar our destiny?

This reminds me of an experience, which occurred many many years ago. After grueling rounds of interviews, this Youngman full of hope and high spirited, got a letter confirming to him that he had been selected out of some twenty candidates and was awarded a scholarship under the Commonwealth Scholarship scheme. He was asked to call in the Ministry of Education to pursue the formalities and to complete the Common Wealth applications.

There I was, aged 20, happily registering myself to a Canadian institution to study Heating & Refrigeration at a tertiary level at College in Canada. There were then 2 other awardees. The first was awarded a bursary to study music and the second fellow a similar scholarship in Aeronautics. I had even got the acceptance from the College which was in Laval Quebec.

Came September which was the moment to finalize the departure, the government officer, Mr. Telescourt told me that there was a problem. What turned out was: the Ministry through of an over sight did not file in the document in time for our applications to the Common Wealth secretariat to process the requests. After much exchanged of telexes (in those days) The Commonwealth secretariat conceded only the Aeronautics study as the funds were reallotted to countries that requested more scholarships and were on time.

This is the story of how an administrative mistake crushed all the hope and tomorrow of an enterprising budding yougman. Let us hope that the administrative shortcomings of the authorities will not in turn crush the tomorrow of our budding Fish hub.

Fête de l’Assomption

Pourquoi cette Fête ?

Déjà depuis de siècles L’Eglise a toujours honoré notre Sainte Vierge, Mère de Jésus. Je vous recommande la lecture de la Préface proclamée pour cette fête. Elle est la première bénie de Dieu, car elle a été choisie pour être l’instrument de l’Incarnation de Dieu. En terme contemporain, le mot « Lauréat » me vient à l’esprit. Ne fêtons nous pas toujours nos Lauréats pour être les premiers et surtout pour être des modèles à suivre ?

Saint Jean de Damas (vers 675-749), moine, théologien, docteur de l’Eglise
Homélie 1 sur la Dormition, 11-14 (trad. SC 80, p. 111s)

La Vierge Marie « image de l’Eglise à venir…qui guide et soutient l’espérance de ton peuple » (Préface)

Ô Mère de Dieu, toujours vierge, ton saint départ de ce monde est vraiment un passage, une entrée dans la demeure de Dieu. Sortant de ce monde matériel, tu entres dans « une patrie meilleure » (He 11,16). Le ciel a accueilli avec joie ton âme : « Quelle est celle-là qui monte dans tout son éclat comme l’aurore, belle comme la lune, resplendissante comme le soleil ? » (Ct 8,5;6,10)… « Le roi t’a introduite dans ses appartements » (Ct 1,4) et les anges glorifient celle qui est la mère de leur propre maître, par nature et en vérité selon le plan de Dieu…

Les apôtres ont porté ton corps sans tache, toi l’arche d’alliance véritable, et l’ont déposé à son saint tombeau. Et là, comme par un autre Jourdain, tu es parvenue à la vraie Terre promise, je veux dire à la « Jérusalem d’en haut », mère de tous les croyants (Ga 4,26), dont Dieu est l’architecte et le constructeur. Car ton âme assurément « n’est pas descendue dans le séjour des morts, bien plus ta chair elle-même n’a pas connu la corruption » (Ps 15,10;Ac 2,31). Ton corps très pur, sans souillure, n’a pas été abandonné à la terre, mais tu as été emportée aux demeures du Royaume des Cieux, toi la reine, la souveraine, la dame, la Mère de Dieu, la véritable Theotokos…

Aujourd’hui nous nous approchons de toi, notre reine, Mère de Dieu et Vierge ; nous tournons nos âmes vers l’espérance que tu es pour nous… Nous voulons t’honorer par « des psaumes, des hymnes, des cantiques inspirés » (Ep 5,19). En honorant la servante, nous disons notre attachement à notre propre Maître commun… Jette tes yeux sur nous, ô reine, mère de notre bon Souverain ; guide notre route jusqu’au port sans orages du bon désir de Dieu.

Que veut dire « Assomption » ?

J’ai retrouvé dans l’encyclopédie catholique des pistes de réflexion intéressantes. Ce qui m’interpelle, c’est cette supposition que notre Sainte Vierge Marie, par sa pureté, n’a pas été soumise à la corruption de la chair. Ce qui me donne à penser que notre résurrection se fera corps et âme.

Nous fêtons Quoi aujourd’hui ?

Nous fêtons bien notre lauréate qui entre dans la gloire de Dieu. Les réjouissances seront démunies de sens si nous ne profitons pas de l’occasion pour mieux comprendre l’événement et d’en tirer des leçons. Immaculée Conception est elle possible ? Enfanter tout en étant Vierge est un non sens à la compréhension humaine ! Ce n’est que dans la foi et à travers l’acceptation de la venue de Jésus que je m’explique ses faits.

Merci Marie

A travers de ta fête, tu m’as donné l’occasion de méditer sur ton parcours exemplaire sur terre. Que tu sois mon modèle. Mieux encore, là où tu es, intercèdes pour moi. Mère nourricière de Jésus, vivant en servante que pour Lui, tu as accepté ton rôle avec humilité et détachement dans une espérance sans limite. Sous ton regard bienveillant,j’ai eu l’honneur d’etudier au college St. Mary’s. O Marie prie pour nous.

Shame on us! World class Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Last week, I was watching on TV the African games which are being held at the Bambous stadium, featuring some world class athletes from the continent. My pride of my country turned into shame and horror.

The final of the 1500meters women was marred by a regrettable event. A large sun shade placed in the middle of the stadium was blown by the wind across the running track. The shade struck the runners. One of the world champions, a contender of the gold medal, was knocked down. She was thus unable to finish the race. I understood that this event was broadcasted live to a number of African countries and was covered by the world sports press. As a Mauritian I felt shameful.

Aucune autre concurrente ne put résister à l’accélération de l’Algérienne Nouria Benida Merah à cent cinquante mètres du but au 1500 m. Elle gagna détachée en 4’23″26, une victoire significative pour cette athlète qui retrouve le haut niveau après cinq ans d’absence pour cause de maternité et de blessure. La Ghanéenne Millicent Boadi ne put terminer la course après avoir été heurtée par un parasol qui avait été emporté par le vent.

Le Mauricien 12th Aug

I understand, the local press played low key on this issue and brushed up the event as an accident. I strongly ressent against the amateurish way, Mauritians act. Were there norms for fixing objects in the stadium to prevent such incidents?

There again is a blatant example where norms do not exist and the authorities do not think of norms and standard.

We want to become world class to compete in the future. Then, we need to adopt world class stardard and norms.

HIV & DRUGS in Mauritius

Last night,I had a lenghty discussion with Percy who was featured in the Apartes edition of 28 Jul 2006 wherein he exposed his viewpoints on the possible explosive situation looming ahead for Mauritius.

His view points:

  1. Growth of HIV of the past was brought by drug addicts who were using infected seringues.
  2. The scarcity of Gandia is bringing the drug addicts to Brown Sugar.
  3. The price of one dose of Brown Sugar is now lower(Rs 400 a shot) as the quality drops.
  4. Because of the low content of opium, the less potent Brown can only be administered by intravenous shots.
  5. Infected Drug Addicts are propagating HIV through SEX.
  6. Gandia smoking does not propagate HIV, Brown Sugar administered thru infested seringues does.
  7. The population of HIV infection is growing at exponential speed.
  8. We have reached a critical level as over 20 cases of HIV weekly now detected on pregnant women.
  9. The issue is not” what do We need to do?” Various models exist already. Holland & Switzerland have travelled along these roads before and are succesfully limiting the damages. When and how do we get the Government to act?

I, being not knowledgeable in the field, feel very much concerned with the problem. The future damage to society in Mauritius could be alarming.

How do we build up the public awareness and move the authorities to act?

La Prevoyance : Apprehension et Anticipation.

La Prévoyance : Apprehension et Anticipation.

J’étais vraiment heureux aujourd’hui. Ce matin, je lisais le blog d’Olivier ou il relatait sa première semaine de travail et il faisait surtout une réflexion sur son appréhension et anticipation du début de sa carrière.

Je me disais voila le Seigneur nous a béni en insufflant a Oliver la prévoyance.

Et moi qui n’ai pas manque de le féliciter et de l’encourager en ajoutant à son blog mes commentaires. L’ apprehension c’est quoi? La reconnaissance d’une peur n’est elle pas l’élément déclencheur d’une action pour agir contre cette même peur ? L’anticipation n’est elle pas la premiere marche vers le chemin de la prevoyance? Mon topo sur le Yin et le Yang suivait. Bref, pour faire ressortir que quoique qu’ il nous arrive, la relecture d’une situation nous arme toujours mieux pour les prochaines étapes de la vie.Savoir toujours tirer les lecons de notre vie: c’est cela l’experience. Bla bla bla…

Et hop! En ouvrant après, ma lecture du jour, je constate qu’il m’est proposé ce matin meme le 9 Aout: la parabole des vierges folles & les vierges prévoyantes qui attendaient l’époux. La leçon sublime de prévoyance que le Seigneur nous donnait ce jour.

Merci O Seigneur! You have made my day!

The State of the Blogosphere

In summary: * Technorati is now tracking over 50 Million Blogs. * The Blogosphere is over 100 times bigger than it was just 3 years ago. * Today, the blogosphere is doubling in size every 200 days, or about once every 6 and a half months. * From January 2004 until July 2006, the number of blogs that Technorati tracks has continued to double every 5-7 months. * About 175,000 new weblogs were created each day, which means that on average, there are more than 2 blogs created each second of each day. * About 8% of new blogs get past Technorati’s filters, even if it is only for a few hours or days. * About 70% of the pings Technorati receives are from known spam sources, but we drop them before we have to send out a spider to go and index the splog. * Total posting volume of the blogosphere continues to rise, showing about 1.6 Million postings per day, or about 18.6 posts per second. * This is about double the volume of about a year ago. * The most prevalent times for English-language posting is between the hours of 10AM and 2PM Pacific time, with an additional spike at around 5PM Pacific time

I am amazed with the speed of growth. What will be the impact of blogs on our being and life?

I invite you to Sifry’s for a detailed view.