Pas Bliye Nou Rasinn

Not long ago, there was on the 17 July 2006 a symposium for the Mauritian Diaspora: « Pa Bliye nou Rasinn ». I am presently viewing the DVD of the event which I could not attend. The DVD is on sale @ Capav Production Tel. 230 4672911.

The present government, through the measures expressed in the budget seems to encouraging our Diaspora to invest in our country. Indeed maintaining the bond of Mauritian worldwide is essential. Portals, websites and blogs are excellent vehicles to achieve the communications interchange.

I have to cite & congratulate Madeleine & Clancy Philippe for the good work to have created and for maintaining a portal for the Mauritius – Australia link. I would like to see more similar initiatives. Radio Moris is yet another commendable action.

We need the Diaspora as much as they need us. We all share the same root “meme rassinn” and have so much in common. To see that Mauritius is doing well is in itself a source of pride for the overseas Mauritian.

As is the case with all Diasporas, the bonds remain lasting for generations. Israel has always survived with the support of its overseas Jews. India recently has amended its law to give special consideration to its large Diaspora. China for that matter had always had a ministry of overseas Chinese to serve the vast number of overseas Chinese. Rightly, China experienced that by far the largest investment in China since its open policy, originated from overseas Chinese.

Could Mauritius, like India and China give a special status to the members of the Diaspora?