Kaizen Institute

We have once more the honor and great pleasure in welcoming Imai Masaaki the Japanese top management guru and his team in Mauritius to lecture on “Survival of the fittest- STRATEGIES OF A LION”.

Should you have the time I would highly recommend that you attend this lecture which will be held at the cyber Tower on the 6th March from 17.00- 19.00.

The Kaizen Institute has chosen Mauritius to conduct their worldwide meeting this semester and we are benefiting of this event.

During the days I was still active in business, a few Gemba Kaizen workshops and programs were run in some of the units, I used to manage. The Gemba Kaizen exercises gave excellent results on the overall performance fast and at almost no cost.

Elimination of wastes ( MUDA) and running a continuous improvement system in any business unit have worked and is still working miracles all over the world. I recall with much pleasure that in May 2001, SEBNA a bottle plant situated in the Rogers industrial zone were the first unit in Mauritius to contract the program which was brilliantly conducted by Jayen Murthy of the Kaizen Institute.

More so, in today’s difficult times, lean management is the way to remain competitive. This system of operation is often also called the Toyota way as most of the tools proposed by the Kaizen Institute were originally inspired by Toyota manufacturing methods.