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Internet Web based Marketing

I spent the last few hours reading and listening to 2 amazing guys: Armand & Alex. They will be running 2 seminars for 1 dollar! I found the seminar preview fantastic that I would recommend all of you to visit the site and let me have your comments thereon on this blog. I also discovered Dave Lakhani who suprisingly got me so hooked that my backside got numbed from sitting too long from of my desk and forgot all about my sunday siesta.He updated my rusted notion and knowledge of Public Relations(PR) and put a new perspective to PR & the use of PR in today’s internet age.


Although physically I have always been visible in spite of my recent reduction of 32 kilos I can now vouch than I have internet visiblity with a website and blog. Je suis a la page chers amis. Propulse dans le monde virtuel je commence une existance nouvelle.

I intend to build up this site for you, dear visitors, to learn more about me and to recieve your good hearted comments. Through exchanges hopefully we shall altogether grow and glow.

Bonne visite et bonne lecture…

Be Happy