Dual SIM cards phones

At long last I have got the mobile phone that suits my needs.


I was delighted to be delivered last Saturday, the mobile with the features that I require without breaking my purse. First of all this new mobile saves me the trouble of having to carry two phones.

I have two SIM S as I use two numbers and keep my personal and more private calls from the professional one. I suppose it is the practice for a number of you. Some may even have one number which is on account of the company and another one for one’s own.

I have now access to two different service providers: one EMTEL and the other Mauritius Telecom on the same phone. Have you ever been stuck when one of the service providers is not functioning properly in a particular area of the country?

The billing for the calls made from a service provider to another recipient of another company is more expensive and besides the service level across service providers are different.

I have been on the lookout for a Dual SIM cards for months. The offer was more expensive that having two separate phones. This new Mi323, though not as performing as the expensive versions is good enough for me. I can afford the 3975 rupees from My shop, it is just great.


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