Sharing- Notso crazy idea?

Subject: Crazy IdeaThis email was sent to a group of friends who went at school at St.Mary s college Rosehill Mauritius.

If you think I had been exposed to the sun for too long today or had too much to alcohol drink be assured this is not the case. Today c est la Pentecote en France ? Frappee par des langues de feu! Qui sait?

I would like to start an exchange of emails like we usually do: a bit as entertainment , keeping up with all pals and sharing with guys who had a slice of our life ( en evitant la regle de Frere Remi et les coups de straps de Frere Patrick et consorts)together to renew our friendship & love.

It occurred to me that are most of us passed the 50’s except those who managed to stay younger by blocking their clock or thru some magic formulae happened to reversed the clock directions.

The question I was asking myself that now that I am nearing 60 and have travelled thru what I have travelled, just for a minute, I was given the power to relive my life from age 25 or 30 what would I have done differently to make it better? Is it crazy? Pas trop couyon? Why? I will not be able to change what happened already? Viewing my life backwards, from hind sight as one would say, would teach me a few lessons which well thought could give learning’s to my son and daughter and others, learning’s and experience for them to leapfrog in their own life hopefully. I have selected 25-30 of age that is for most of us a start in real life i.e. at the start of our working life with a few years of work experience may be.

Most of us really by then became conscious of the tasks ahead of us and became by then fully independent.

This will also allow the whole gang of friends listed to learn more about each other :

1. What we are proud to have achieved,

2. What mistakes we have made in our lives, 3. What were omissions.

I would like to read some of your comments thereon and may be start soon the ball rolling on my stories.

The idea germinated from a book written by 15 or so entrepreneurs based on these lines. The group of businessman who have been regularly meeting in a CEO support club decided to write together a book based on these lines I described to celebrate their 10 years of being together and to offer to their friends and colleagues a compendium of their experiences. More important it was directed to ” how the CEO support group helped each other to enhanced their knowledge and eventually their business”. I read the whole 250 pages in one sitting. The stories were really enlightening, rich of anecdotes and so real and true.

Is the idea crazy? How much are you prepared to share to your children and children of your friends?




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