Eid Praying with the Muslims

Today for the Muslim population it is a great day. It is the end of a month long of mortification. Today  marks for the Muslim world, the celebration of the feast of the mightiest of all, the greatest of the great, the one and only one- God. Glory to thee, God the merciful!

Allaahu akbar, Allaahu akbar, Allaahu akbar

الله أكبر الله أكبر الله أكبر

laa ilaaha illAllaah

لا إله إلا الله

Allaahu akbar, Allaahu akbar

الله أكبر الله أكبر

wa li-illaahil-hamd

ولله الحمد

God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest,

There is no deity but God

God is the Greatest, God is the Greatest

and to God goes all praise

I fully abide to the prayers of my Muslim friends and feel connected with them in Glorifying and being in awe of God.

The expression ‘God the greatest and the merciful’ which is said every morning by all the mosques in the call to prayer, gives me this morning, the sense of two deep thoughts.

For one, the merciful God is the expression of the God of unconditional love; God would have mercy on us for all the sins we might commit. Why would God have forgiveness for us? God is love and would always have mercy on us.

For 2, when we evoke and praise God for being merciful we, humans admit and recognise that we are weak and prone to be sinful. We are still locked into our human nature waiting to be sublimated to a higher being to where we are destined. To be in prayer, that is to be conscious of God presence and to appear in front of Him, immediately transforms our being. If we have faith in Him, He mercifully shares His spirit to sanctify us.

With the Muslim friends thus today, I pray thee God to bring peace to all mankind. I pray that mankind believes in the God of love. God is the greatest!


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