Rotary and Blogging

Yesterday, I had the opportunity, thanks to the present President of the Rotary club of Port Louis, Alan Oxenham, who invited me to the weekly luncheon, and to my dear friend and Rotarian godfather, Roger Leung, to renew my friendship with the Rotarians. For a number of years, basking in the joy of fellowship of my club members, I had the chance to serve in different roles as a Rotarian, giving some comfort and help to the more needy members of our Mauritian society.

Aims, benefits of Rotary?

All information about Rotary may be read on the net.

The Rotary Club of Port Louis is very special, as not only it has a history of over 40 years, it was the first ever Service club of the island where my father used to serve. This is the case for a number of present Rotarians. To build in a tradition of service to society in a family is really fantastic.

More importantly, this club has kept in some traditions which, instituted by the founding members, are still being carried out, not for the sake of maintaining the rituals, but more for the present validity and usefulness of these actions. Hats off to the elders for their foresight! A visit to the website of the club would enlighten you. You will see how Rotary Club of PortLouis, through its deeds and its Rotarians, made history.

19th July 2006 luncheon

The president asked me to address the assembly, as is usual for guests. I observed from the banners on the wall that the 2006 theme of Rotary International is “lead the way”.

I said:“ I do not know whether I have been given the gift of seeing in the future, as many of you well know that a few years ago, together with a group of businessmen, we led the way by creating a chain of WAY supermarkets. Or else I should claim Rotary International some royalty for the use of the motto. With these few words and the laughters that followed ,I relived the wonderful moments spent during my Rotarian active days.

As Past President Baboo reminded me “once a Rotarian you are a Rotarian forever”.


I did leave an unanswered question in the mind of this Rotarian assembly. “What is blogging?” I only got a very timid inadequate answer. That could well be the subject of my next blog.