Emigrant Drum

Emigrant Drum

A Red Drum Farm… in Mauritius.

Red Drum are now spawning in an ultra model, world class hatchery, then raised at sea in special fishing nets and finally bred to the size required by the market. Most of the technical hitches have been sorted out. The installation respects all the international environment and hygiene safety norms. Exports to various overseas markets have started, and the fish has received a good response on the local market particular in the up market end of the hotels.

I wonder what precautions have been taken against possible escapes by the farmed drum. SInce the Red Drum aren’t native to the waters of the Indian Ocean, if enough fish escape to form a breeding population, there could be any number of environmental consequences, as with the Lionfish here. A lot would depend on the relative fitness of the competing species. I wonder which native species fills the ecological niche there that drum have evolved to fill here.

The above text was received following my blog as a track back.

I did put the Question to the Farm previously. First, the possiblity of the Drum to live outside the farm environment is very slim because of the feed. Secondly,the farm has to minimise loss of Drum to nature and reduce the risk of accidents.Thirdly,Mauritius want its aquaculture to be an ecology friendly industry.

Rightly, the ecological aspect has to be taken in account.


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