Yan Kwok

Do you know who is Yan Kwok?

I propose that all Mauritians bloggers and all those who has some interest in the internet and related technology should know of Yan KWOK. I only met him a couple of times in 1997. Hats off to him for what he has done when he was still a student in Cape Town. If I am not mistaken all of you who are using the .mu are contributing to Yan KWOK’s  wealth.

Through linkedin, I managed to trace him up.

The question I am asking myself is: Does Mauritius need persons of his competence and experience? Why have the authorities of Mauritius acted in such a manner to keep  Yan KWOK away from Mauritius?

Yes indeed, we need brains and drive for our country to prosper. So Mauritius needs the competency and experience of people the like of Yan.

I am of opinion that the authorities have been unfair to Yan. He was foresighted enough during his university days to see potential in making some money out of the then upcoming ICANN whilst all the government authorities ,I presume were completely out of the picture.Should Yan be penalized for his business acumen  and initiative?

I move that the authorities in spite of the ego and arrogance that they hold would do well to recognize Yan’s deeds and publicly welcome him to put his knowledge to the service of the nation. Perhaps, then. the action could be set as an example for our bright stars evolving in the world to come home to set up shop.