Global Warming

My interest in the future of the world is natural and I would like to get more people to be drawn to the global warming and the harm we are making to the environment. To think that the sun is supplying us with 12000times more energy that we need and yet we are burning fossil fuel more that we should, is really disheartening.

Time magazine came out with: “The global warming survival guide” recently. I would encourage every one of you to read through the 51 tips given and to act positively to our need to reduce the effect of global warming personally.

We do not unfortunately in Mauritius seem to be concerned with world environment phenomenon. Or at least I do not see it mentioned enough in the media. Our government does not seem to undertake remedial actions, pass laws and enforce measures to attack the global warming effect. A very simple action like changing the bulbs that are lighting our roads and towns with more efficient and environment friendly ones would have been a good start.The question is who foots the bill for the electricity and who cares!


Light Up Your City

Cities can save energy—and money—by illuminating public spaces with LEDs, or light-emitting diodes. Last December Raleigh, N.C., turned one floor of a municipal parking garage into a testing ground for LEDs The new white, brighter fixtures use 40% less electricity than the high-pressure sodium bulbs they replaced. Although they cost two to three times as much, they can go five or more years without upkeep. Traditional bulbs must be replaced every 18 months. Other types of LEDs are already at work in traffic lights, outdoor displays (like those in New York City’s Times Square) and stadiums; airports even use LEDs on their taxiways. If your city is still burning tax money on old lights, ask the mayor why.