Chinese Student Association

There are a number of social clubs and professional associations. The common factor amongst these different assemblies is to create a ground for people of common interest to exchange and work towards a common goal.

I have belonged to a number of associations & clubs through out my life. In my youth I was a member of a student association which catered for the youth. The organisation driven by the youth themselves created opportunities for the development of students by organising sports& cultural activities. More importantly it was a training platform for the more daring members to hone their leadership & communications skills. The diversity of the people and sometimes different & opposing views of the members often create dissensions within the association. Working and succeeding in a project together with the members build up friendship and give great satisfaction and happiness. More importantly these experiences build memories that we cherish for ever.

Over forty years after, I still vividly remember the wonderful experience I had with my team members in competing in the National Youth Drama Festival organised by the then Ministry of Youth & Sports. Winning the award of Best Actor, the best supporting actor, best production for “The Dark Horses” crowned the joint effort of our team.

Last night, with an immense pleasure, I attended the 80th birthday of my aunt who had been since 1961 the Drama Coach of the Chinese Student Association. We reunited the actors and stage managers and hands for generations of Drama lovers. Most of us today are retirees after  successful and meaningful life. Looking back, we can appreciate the training our participation to a youth club helped us to lead our working life. The story of John Yinkoo ( told last night) who joined Mauritius Telecoms a clerk to finish up his career as the CEO of the company was a very touching story.

I am grateful to the elders who started the club and for many years support it. LeeAh Luck ( present last night) who is today in his 80’s was one of them. I was so glad to see him last night.

Are Youth club out of fashion today? What is the new form of association which can provide the same services? Luckily, there are still plenty of clubs alive.


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