Prominent Hakka Deng Xiao Ping

Most of us have been trained through out our tender years to think and confront opposites. “Either; Or” have been ingrained in our thinking mode. Great men of the like of Deng Xiao Ping became famous and were acclaimed for their creativity and success because they have been able to reconcile what seem to be opposites.

Communism had until the Deng Xiao Ping in the 80’s been in opposition with capitalism. Deng Xiao Ping moved and proved that China’s political policy could combine a new Communism with capitalism. In his reformed socialist model elaborated in 1987, he formulated the concept of “one country: two systems”. He very cleverly fought the ‘left wing’ of the ruling party with left trends at the same time gained the battle of the ‘right wing’ with the right trends whilst maintaining the four cardinal principles of Marxism inherited from Mao.

According to me, the success of the economic takeoff of today’s China is well rooted in Deng Xiao Ping’ genius and drive. I am proud that to note that Deng is another brother Hakka.

Deng Xiaoping had stressed all along that it is of strategic importance to bring younger people into positions of leadership and that the destiny of the Party and the state hinges on this question. He has stood firmly for abolishing permanent tenure in leading posts and has taken the lead in this connection. When new leading bodies were elected at the Party’s Thirteenth National Congress and the First Plenary Session of the Thirteenth Central Committee, he withdrew his candidacy for membership in the Central Committee and its Political Bureau, accepting only reappointment as Chairman of the Central Military Commission. However, with his high prestige and profound wisdom he will continue to play a great role in making major policy decisions of the Party and the state.

Through a lifetime of service to the people, Deng Xiaoping has earned the respect and affection of millions of his compatriots.