WAY notoriety campaign

Have you ever heard of the term ‘Hind-sight wisdom’? You have heard some guys saying wiser of the event. Truly enough, we become always wiser after any event whatever the outcome may be. It is very much the case of reflecting and analyzing the factors that affected a past event and learning from it.

How was it possible to build up the present notoriety of WAY in Mauritius in such a short span with minimum expense? Can you explain hind-sight how the name WAY has now a distinctive persona which is recognizable by a large number of persons in Mauritius?

Ask yourself what does WAY immediately brings in your mind’s eye?

The answer may be:

For some shopping at value for money prices;

For others, proximity convenience shopping;

For some others guys, a group of reliable supermarkets;

And perhaps the favorite shopping place where the owners know me.

Why do we today get these answers?

The simple answer is: because some guys wanted the public to be imprinted with these thoughts and used means necessary for it  to happen. The first lesson would be: Begin with the end in mind, and continuously work to make it happen.

This does not explain the whole story. One of the marketing image building techniques behind the campaign in the present case was the use of ‘from known to unknown’. It was no accident that overnight the already known supermarkets under the names of London, Tangs, Sik Yuen, Central all became double barreled name of London WAY, Tangs WAY, and SikYuenWAY,etc. All public communication contained the –WAY syllable. From the know name of London & others supermarkets were tagged the unknown WAY syllable which carried all the London & others supermarket experiences. After some time, once association & familiarity has set,the values associated with the older brand get transferred.

No, it was not a strike of genius. This technique was used before, and in the case of WAY it was only redeployed and re adapted to the circumstances and context. This tacit knowledge was be used over & over again.


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