Sour Regency AGM

I took a lesson last night at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Regency Square Syndic meeting. Perhaps, it was a well learned lesson in humility and a trim to my overlarge ego. It took me some time to get to sleep after I climbed on my bed, my mind kept running like an engine. I could not stop myself from reflecting on the 3hours and a half session with my fellow co- owners. I was drained and felt non resourceful after attending to two of the co-owners. I really had to make a very special effort to contain myself from busting my temper. I applied my turbo brakes. My self- esteem dropped. My feelings were hurt. I sensed the reptilian portion of my brain flashing lights to start off. How is it possible that I have landed so low? I had two cases to deal with.


To be accused of incompetence, I readily accept, as nobody is perfect. But to accuse the Conseil Syndical under my chairmanship of cooking the books with the Syndic in public, ( which of course is false and unfounded)and taking us to task on a transparency issue, just because he was refused the right to take a copy of the accounts was really too much. Especially after the steps taken last year to change the bye- laws to give the Conseil Syndical additional powers to control closely the Syndic, we felt that our good faith was targeted. This was beyond my understanding! I could not read the motivation that drove such actions, in spite of all the supposedly knowledge & competencies (NLP) I have acquired in human behavior. The night through, in my mind, I scanned back to the past scene many times to identify signs and markers that I could possibly attribute to this unexplained behavior. I could not find a sensible answer. What has made this grieved soul so sour to accuse us? Is it possible that we inadvertedly caused him some pain? What has triggered such a foray to my integrity as well as that of the Conseil members? From my previous dealings with this fellow owner, I could only term him as eccentric and full of ego. I had the intuition that the AGM would be a tough one. (Refer to my previous blog on co-propriete).Luckily, I took the precaution not to chair the AGM and to avail of the possibility of nominating a meeting chairman. In the end, the incomprehensive behavior got the other owners to rally against him to bully him: I felt sorry for him.Why would somebody otherwise so intelligent get himself in such a predicament?


The second ache was caused by another co-owner who, according to me, was easy to deal with. From my past interactions with him, I had read his recurrent motives and have remedies for his unwanted behaviors. He only needs to be in the limelight and for this; he would take the floor on any subjects. Any experienced chairperson knows how to deal with over bloated characters with a voracious need for recognition and how to give them a rope to hang themselves. In addition,my impatience grew to break point level last night because the appointed chairman did not act fast enough to contain him.He souped up the precious time of all and got every body bored with his trivia. In hindsight, I have to admit that I should have briefed the acting chairperson beforehand.

Writing this blog now and sharing my heart, I feel, is my therapy for soothing the sour taste of last night.