A 380

Today (25 October) is a great day for Singapore and for Airbus, the first commercial flight from Singapore to Sydney of the Airbus A380. 150units of the aircraft ordered for a break even number of 400units, will be another Concorde economical disaster? Airbus experts reckon that the A380 will be an economical success in the long term.

The commercial flight only became possible 2 and half years of strict and strenuous testing the specimen model. The unveiling of the test specimen aircraft was held on the 15 January 2005.A giant of 300 tonnes of 24 meters high and of a span of 80 meters capable of transporting 900 passengers on a 15000kms trip. The 18 months delay in the first delivery, caused the shaking up of the organization of Airbus and the holding corporation Eads is the story preceding the launching of the most modern commercial aircraft. 50000 engineers, technicians and workers from 4 European countries ganged together to realize the construction of this incredible wonder made up of 4millions components.

Special airport terminals have been built to accommodate his giant of the air as the A380 is a double decker aircraft. Can you image the movements of 900 passengers in one go?

A number of books have been written on the construction of the A380. Erik Orsenna is one of the authors who gave an interview on the French radio yesterday. Gérard Chambon & Jean Denis Renard published “La grand aventure de l’Airbus A380”. Pierre Sparaco wrote « Airbus la véritable histoire ». Yves Marc has his version of this formidable challenge in ‘A380: le defi’.

Is not battle of Boeing and Airbus to a large extent alike to the race of the Euro and the US dollar in becoming the world’s currency?


#1 LaSh on 10.28.07 at 9:57 pm

I followed the stories linked to the 1st commercial flight Singapore-Sydney through BBC News website – while at work, getting bored. They had some nice material covering everything.

I was in Dubai in August and their airport already had their double decker boarding bridges ready for the A 380. IF am not wrong, Emirates has ordered the most A 380’s till now.

Oh, and I was reading also while following the A 380 news on Thursday that during a simulation, they took 90 sec to evacuate the A 380. Sounds pretty much to good to be true if you would be asking me! But still!

#2 joseph on 10.29.07 at 10:43 am

I am thrilled by this event because of my interest in this industry for which I have worked for years. Just imagine the multiplying effects that the aviation industry has brought to the world economy, to the tourism industry which is today one of the fast moving industry world wide.The down side of this industry may be the pollution,which is now being addressed with the new generation of aircraft engines and technology.I have kept a close watch on the subject since the early 60’s. Thanks Lash for your comments.

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