Mauritius viewed from New Zealand

Seeing our island from the perspective of a Newzelander is an interesting experience. I invite you to read a press article written by Heather Ramsay last thursday. Apparently there are resemblances between Mauritius and New Zealand !

I have also learnt from the article the links between Tasmania and our dear island.

In 1642 Abel Tasman called at Mauritius on his way to “discovering”
Tasmania and New Zealand, but despite these parallels, it doesn’t take us long to realise that Mauritius isn’t an Indian Ocean version of home.


#1 C'est Moi on 12.06.08 at 5:03 pm

Heather Ramsay was a guest of Air Mauritius and Naiade Resorts and has only nice things to say. She has a conflict of interest.

#2 joseph on 12.07.08 at 11:50 am

Very True, Ramsay may have a conflict of interest. As a journalist, she has the duty to inform in truthfulness. Her credibility woiuld be marred if she was not true….This may well be the check and balance

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