Managing in Turbulent Times

Managing in Turbulent

Times: Leading Your

Employees through


A.J. Hyland, Carl Dill,and Jim Wanner,

I. Think Positive

Even the worst of times can present

certain opportunities.

II. Save Money and Morale

If you’re faced with cutting costs, look

at trimming things your employees and

customers won’t miss, but don’t rule out

more drastic solutions.

III. Must-Have Qualities for

a Leader’s Support Team

Staying cool, anticipating problems and

being willing to work harder in tough

times are essential characteristics for

your executive team.

IV. The Golden Rules of

Communication in Tough Times

Be honest, be clear and be quick to

keep employees updated.

V. Essential Take-Aways

If you have a clear plan to deal with

changes caused by upheaval in the

marketplace and you effectively communicate

that plan to the staff, you will

be in a good position to survive and

even thrive in turbulent times.