Green Sweden

Sweden is the show case to the green revolution we ought to go for. In less than a decade Sweden has turned around their dependence on fossil fuels and has achieved their goals set for ecological living.

Political priorities for the Ministry of the Environment of Sweden.

The Ministry of the Environment works to achieve sustainable development. The riches of nature must be used in way that will enable us to hand over a world in balance to our children and grandchildren. Priority areas in the Government´s environmental policy are action to respond to climate change, support for technology with minimal environmental impact and ensuring that the Baltic and the Skagerrak and Kattegatt are living seas. Market economy institutions, economic instruments and research and new technology are important tools in the work of the Ministry.

Four strategic challenges have priority:

  • Building sustainable communities
  • Encouraging good health on equal terms
  • Meeting the demographic challenge
  • Encouraging sustainable growth.

I would love to see the developments achieved in the city of Malmo. I had the chance of having a glimpse when I last was on a cruise in the Baltic seas. I saw a field of wind powered generators.


Wind, solar power and underground aquifers

Developers comply with green space factor and green points

Water features enhance biodiversity and quality of life

Car use reduced by good bus service, pedestrian areas, cycle paths

On-site recycling facilities – rubbish is separated

This week’s Newsweek is discussing the issue of : The Greening of the Corporation and 10000 delegates from the world over were also discussing the same issues in Poland this week.