This morning one of my regular blog reader told me that I have been infected by the OBAMA MANIA fever. In a row my last  2 blogs mentioned the President of the United States. ‘Jamais deux sans trois’ goes the saying. Indeed the reader is right. I have been subdued by BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA’s inaugural speech last night watching him live on TV on his swearing in ceremony. Unfailingly, I started my day on my PC, watching him again on the New York Times and reading the transcript of the speech.

Did you notice the twixt in his name?

Awesome! His entry before facing the nation, poised and relaxed yet concentrated, he appeared serious and serene. I am still attentively rereading the transcript of the speech to learn from the wordings and arrangements used to arouse such intense emotions in his audience. I surely put on my cap as a toastmasters learner to observe and elicit the speech craft learning’s. Where and what are the words that made the differences? He is definitely a great speaker. You will recall my love for his Berlin’s speech at the start of his campaign. For sure he has availed himself of the latest technology to enhance his 19 minutes long address with speech prompters. He is so natural, sincere and convincing. He is trustful and is trusted.

I shall be surprised that he has been  NLP trained or being coached by NLP experts who were the coaches of Bill Clinton. Lara Ewing from Colorado and Charles Faulkner from Chicago were NLP coaches who worked for the democrats. His gestures and body language were coherent with his speech and message. Humble yet determined Barack Hussein OBAMA is the man, who is most capable of bringing the change that the US needs at this juncture.

Up to now, his thinking and the delivery of his intent to his audience have been executed with brio. The next lap will be the real execution of his intent. We have yet to see his capacity to mobilise his party, the opposing Republican Party, the senate and the congress to move  the whole of the country in the direction to create a better America and a better world to live in. He is realistic: he humbly admits that the task is huge, it will take time, more importantly he has the determination to make it. Yes He can. May God bless him.