Bio – Fuel

The transport industry in general is a high user of fossil fuel and is causing the depletion of the world resource. The need to resort to renewable source is capital in the future. Sweden as a country has started using bio fuel for years and is quite advanced in use of ethanol. E10 and later E15 mixture with gasoline has become common. We expect a higher proportion of bio-fuel in the mixture in the future.

As an entrepreneur much can be learned from the swedish experience and possibly convert these knowledge in wealth.

I am surprised to learn today, that the first test of using a mixture of bio-fuel with Jet A1 extracted from fossil oil has been successful.

A Japanese airline has become the first Asian carrier to fly using bio-fuel. The Jumbo Jet took off on a 90-minute demonstration flight from Tokyo using a blend of 50 per cent standard aviation fuel mixed with oil derived from several forms of vegetation including algae. But analysts say that bio-fuel production must become cost-effective if it is to be a viable alternative to kerosene.

I invite you to watch the video produce on the subject.