Acanchi- Branding Mauritius

You probably saw on the newspapers that the Government of Mauritius has appointment a consultant to brand Mauritius. I record the last article on L’Express on the 5th February 2009.

Who is this firm how do they operate? What is their track record?

We are now in the business of Nation Branding.

By definition, all emerging industries are very creative but also very chaotic, and it is hard to find the trend-setting individuals among the booming chaos. But at Nation-Branding we thought it would be interesting to end the 2008 year with a special feature with some names to a field which is not only rising, but is also somewhat surrounded by secrecy.

I found of the net a list of the 10 most influential nation building experts and our chosen expert is on the list.

Fiona Gilmore is one of the leading experts and authors on brands and branding. She co-founded Springpoint, a global brands and corporate identity consultancy, with its headquarters in London. In 2003 she founded the country-branding consultancy Acanchi and has worked in initiatives with the authorities in the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, Zambia, Bahrain, the Isle of Man, Lebanon, Mauritius, Wales, Northern Ireland, Belfast, Britain, Hong Kong, and the Blue Mountains of Australia.

I am reading the publication of the repositioning of Spain by Fiona in 2001.

Most of the time, you get what you ask for? I wonder what was asked for in this case. What were the deliverables asked for by our government?

Let us hope for the best.


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