Do you know the word Hindutva? The voice of Hindu is better known in Mauritius. It may be worth while reading the view from a Hindutva perspective.

As we live in one of the countries which are inhabited by a majority of Hindus outside India, we Mauritians should be aware of the terms and more importantly keep an eye to what is happening in India. Thinkers and brains triggering the consciences of Hindus inside India or elsewhere as well as Muslims in the world should be read to understand where they are coming from ; how they feel and what they intend to do. On both sides of the fence there are radicals, violent fundamentalists and peace seeking moderates.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity as a non Hindu to have been exposed to much Indian culture and to have traveled often to the home origin country of the majority Hindu community. I understand some basics fundamentals of the Muslims religion for having worked very closely with a number of Muslim organisations during the time when I was involved with the organization of the Haj and Umra pilgrimages. I had made a couple of trips to Saudi, namely to Jeddah, Ryiad and Daharan.

The tension that exists in the  sub continent with in India itself with a large population of Muslims in the midst of a majority of Hindus is often echoed in our country. Whilst India has its own issues to deal with its bulging Muslims populations, particularly in some of its states where the proportion of Muslims to Hindus do not reflect the national average, let not the animosities  spilled over to us.

I only wish that in our nation country is able to sort our own issues without being influenced by imported events. Needless to mention the events of Mumbai and the recent unrest in Pakistan have negative effects on the peaceful cohabitations of the two communities. I believe that there have been some confusion in Phoenix recently on the celebration of Yaum un Nabi.

May the moderates on both sides bring a peaceful settlement to keep the belligerent moods of the radicals at bay? Let religions not divide us or break the harmony of our peaceful living.