The nomad world is growing day in day out. With the advent of mobile telephone, the potential of mobility of storing data in relatively large quantity on various mobile equipments, and the accessibility of wireless internet, a new nomad way of living is in construction.

With my black berry, I have access to the data available on the web whilst on line. More importantly I can down load data may it be text, books, music or video images store and watch them in my time and wherever I may be.

My greatest pleasure this week was to learn that comics which may be construed as a mixture of text and images can now be downloaded on an iphone. A special software developed for this purpose is now available. My greatest satisfaction was to know that the software is developed by the start up company owned by my son Olivier.

I invite you to visit his website and encourage you to avail yourself of the software. I understand that it only works on exclusively on iphone or ipod to start off with because of the quality of the resolution and that Apple has screened his application.

They currently have the first version of their application, Comicstrips, on the iTunes App Store. It is a great way to help other artists/creators get out there.

They currently sell their application at $1.99 on the iTunes app store.

The product allows people to

1. read “featured” comics for free, some of which are “bundled”, i.e. get downloaded automatically to their iPhones.

2. upload comics on their website to be synchronized with their iPhone.

This event then is the start of  getcomicstrips. I pray that his venture will grow in becoming a world standard for reading comics in the nomad world. I yet have to verify that it is a world first for comics reading on a phone by a Mauritian born software designer.

I would have to wait for the blackberry version to read my old  favorite comics…KIWI, RODEO, BLEK le roc, PIM PAM POUM, PIPO…