I am in great preparation of this South American trip I am undertaking. Visiting places is a way of improving our knowledge. Whilst yesterday I mentioned ‘seeing is believing’, I could add today, that ‘seeing is knowing’ too. Countries that I shall visit for the first time are: Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico. I am amazed at the size of the country but more impressive is its latitude span. Having such geographical latitude the variety of the bio diversity is immense.

My visit to Chile is too brief to really know the country but at least I am hopeful to have a good glimpse. A country with a coastal line of over 4000 kilometres from the South Pole towards Peru in the latitude 20 bordered by the high altitude Andes which is only 175 kilometres from the Pacific Ocean coast line surely yields an exceptional diversity. It is as if in a same country you would have the climatic and condition of the whole world.

I am so thrilled to dig into my reading…. No wonder Chile is able to produce excellent wine.