Staying young by Passion: Do you know Sylviane?

A fortnight ago, at a charity lunch at Ebene Hotel School, I had the very great pleasure to meet in the assembly Sylviane. I must admit that I do not really know her well but was a friend of her husband in the glorious days when I was energetic enough to play badminton. This meeting brought back the memory of her works and drove me to go back to her website.

A few years ago, through a friend I was introduced to the works of Philippe Lim, a keen photographer I knew in my teens, today a professor of photographic art in Montréal. Philippe encourages talents by publishing the works of passionate photographers on the web. He makes it possible for us to attend a permanent art exhibition on the web. This is really a great gift of technology and of Philippe.

There and then I discovered the works of Sylviane. She proudly shares with the world her passion for travel and photos. I invite you to visit her site:

From what I conclude, like Sylviane,” Passion drives interest in living”. Nurturing a passion, a keen interest, a goal to attain, give one a reason to live and to live happily.

May I wish you dear reader, a Passion and Passion to live happily?

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#1 liliane on 07.06.06 at 3:22 pm

I think passion drives people to live and to “fight” to live. People who are not passionate about anything tend to lead dreary lives, I believe. And when your work is your passion, you have it made.

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