Entrepreneur IV:Performance

Performance isn’t everything, you say?

If you are no good and not performing to the mark, you are fired.

In sports, say soccer, if you under perform regularly your team and your public do not want you. You are fired. In the film industry, if you are a bad performing artist, the audience will turn their back to you. You are fired. Should you be a non performing entrepreneur Bankruptcy will catch you sooner than later.

My weekly reading of Paul Graham got me to reaffirm my thinking of my last blog regarding Mauritius, Job Security and Startups. I draw your particular attention to his month of May essay on Why Startups condense in America. Will the prevailing mentality of job security and preservation of acquired privileges be conducive to Entrepreneurial future Mauritius? In the new globalize competitive world performance is the ball game. How do we get the Mauritian to be transformed in the new mind set?

I recommend you to study Paul Graham’s essay. I am a firm believer that we grow from being inspired by other people’s deed and thinking (ideas) and applying, and why not improving the borrowed ideas, to our own situation. I recall a few years ago I met the Gemba Kaizen founder Imai Masaaki. He said that we were allowed to copy all his ideas provided we use it to our benefit and thrive to improve on it.

So let us borrow some of Paul Graham’s ideas to make Mauritius an entrepreneurial country. Over and above the attitude of always improving (kaizen), and the proper infrastructures required for intelligence development and tax friendly, he has discussed 10 essential points for the startups to condense in America. What learnings can we take from him?

I observe that our present Minister Sithanen has taken some points over. Immigration which up till present, was restrictive would be easier, and easy to start businesses would a song.

Let us examine and take up more ideas. Our labour laws have to be addressed urgently. Development of Brains for the future is an absolute must. Who will look at our Education practice & policies without any self or vested interests?

Let us wage war against “statut quo”. Let us do away with employment as Tenure! Hail the entrepreneurs and risktakers!


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