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Global warnings and sea level

In Mauritius, being a small island, we are very concerned with Global warming & sea water level. The recent events on the changes in the “Pas Geometriques” leasing agreement as provided by our minister Sithanen triggered my thoughts to look for the impact of Global warming and to a larger extent climatic variations on the country and on our tourism industry which is based on Sun Sea & S…

Whilst one always hears about Global warming, hardly anybody talks of global dimming and its slowing effect on warming. I really enjoyed the hour spent on the net browsing on the subject. It would seem the scaring predictions are made without the concurrent equalising effects of other factors.

Am I wiser now? Not so sure, but I am definetly more reassured about the phenomenon which would become critical in some 100 years or so and based on today’s predictable future technologies & human creativity. By then, I would be enjoying bliss in heaven, hopefully.

“Be serene whilst having an ever inquisitive & exploring mind!” I heard my inner voice murmuring. Be Happy!

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#1 Who is the blame for climate change? Humans at Joseph’s blog on 02.03.07 at 9:40 am

[…] In my earlier blog in July last year, I mentioned the mitigating effect of global dimming.Now, the 130 scientists have statued: the net effect of global warming is greater than forecasted earlier. Island country like Mauritius, where a large part of our economy is based on sea related Tourism,has to readjust its economic strategy. Soon,there would  be a Carbon tax for airline travelers which will change the economics of traveling long distances and also an environment tax to be levied from those causing deteriorations of the global  environment. I wonder if the authorities issuing building permits  on the coast will integrate these  climatic changes to come :the rising sea level, warmer atmosphere, more violent winds  etc…..”Gouverner c’est prevoir” I had been taught by my 6th grade primary school teacher Mr. Aime Laval to whom I am forever so grateful. […]

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