I am amazed to read the development of Wiki. The short article of Wikipedia : perspectivesPar Marc Foglia et Chang Wa Huynh aroused my interest to such a wonderful story. I have been an ardent user of wikipedia without really appreciating the fantastic history behind it. Wikipedia today covers more pages than the Britannica. It is free, with a high degree of exactitude and is continously being updated. More over, it is off my laptop, so accessible and practical. I do not consult my old edition of the encyclopedia, I bought years ago.The series of 15 or so heavy books sit lazily and nicely on a bookshelf today.

Last Saturday, a friend came home and she was very keen in wanting to know more of a flower she was offered. Sure enough within a few seconds she had the information she wanted. The world of Magnificat Medinilla opened up to her.

Welcome to the world of Wikipedia.