ME Generation morphing to WE Generation

“Me” Generation morphing to “We” Generation

On reading 2nd August editorial of Daniel J. Kadlec of USA TODAY, I picked up the title and some ideas.


As boomers, turning 60, enter the traditional retirement years we are witnessing a grand transformation in this period of life, which has long been marked by withdrawal, entitlement and the pursuit of leisure. The emerging model embraces personal growth, giving back and continued employment. These hallmarks of the new retirement have the potential to reshape the economy and society to everyone’s benefit.

Do boomers really want to work longer? In a Merrill Lynch survey, 83% of boomers said they intended to work for pay full- or part-time after leaving their primary career. Certainly, some of them figure they’ll need the money. But most who work in their later years do so for other reasons. In a MetLife survey, nearly three of four working folks ages 66 to 70 said they chose to keep working to remain active and engaged. Needing income was a distant concern, ranking behind doing something meaningful and cultivating friendships with colleagues.

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Indeed, this is my case. I am part of the baby boomer generation. I need to do something meaningful and keep on cultivating friendships. I for one, have found solace in blogging.

In Malaysia, the retirement age for government civil servants is 55. What they do thereafter? Many start a new life career. They start a new business and become entrepreneurs. Quite a number of highly skilled professionals joined together to form a corps of consultants. Tan Sri Dato’Soong Siew Hoong, secretary general of the Associated Chinese chamber of commerce of Malaysia, who I met some years ago, is one of the head of the corps of retirees acting as consultants called ERA( Expertise Ressource Association). He will be visiting the Chinese Business Chamber from the 7th to the 11th August. Let us pick on his brain to show us how to organize our own corps of consultants and network with the Malaysian ERA.

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Good ideas, indeed !

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