Entrepreneur: Why invent the Wheel?

Entrepreneur: Why invent the Wheel?

Mauritius is not the only country to count on Entrepreneurship to boost up the economy for the future. The US is living it. The development of start ups in the US is phenomenal. In France, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and almost most all countries of the world, establishment of small enterprises and medium sized enterprises is being promoted. Literature thereon abounds on the net. Different models, according to the specific country needs are detailed in the different websites.

I found the website of the UK to be very interesting for us, Mauritius. Our trade laws were inherited from UK. So, we have a lot in common with them. UK has been for years ahead in the game of promoting Small Enterprises. Let us be inspired by their model and then adapt it to our operations and needs. A well of wealth is available to us on the web. Treasure hunting is now made easy through the search engines of the like of Google. Entrepreneurs go for it now. Act now.

Why invent the wheel? Use it to serve our purpose. The genius lies is in using the ideas of others to suit your specific purpose at the right time and right cost. Copying the idea of a guy is called plagiarism. Copying the ideas of many at the same time is call “research”. For the Entrepreneurs, the purpose is to turn ideas into workable businesses. Entrepreneurs are always Confronting Reality.Execution, Execution and Execution. Act now and execute.


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