The State of the Blogosphere

In summary: * Technorati is now tracking over 50 Million Blogs. * The Blogosphere is over 100 times bigger than it was just 3 years ago. * Today, the blogosphere is doubling in size every 200 days, or about once every 6 and a half months. * From January 2004 until July 2006, the number of blogs that Technorati tracks has continued to double every 5-7 months. * About 175,000 new weblogs were created each day, which means that on average, there are more than 2 blogs created each second of each day. * About 8% of new blogs get past Technorati’s filters, even if it is only for a few hours or days. * About 70% of the pings Technorati receives are from known spam sources, but we drop them before we have to send out a spider to go and index the splog. * Total posting volume of the blogosphere continues to rise, showing about 1.6 Million postings per day, or about 18.6 posts per second. * This is about double the volume of about a year ago. * The most prevalent times for English-language posting is between the hours of 10AM and 2PM Pacific time, with an additional spike at around 5PM Pacific time

I am amazed with the speed of growth. What will be the impact of blogs on our being and life?

I invite you to Sifry’s for a detailed view.


#1 joseph on 08.09.06 at 2:14 pm

But blogs are having a greater impact on French society, said Jean-Michel Billaut, an adviser on Internet issues to BNP Paribas, the huge banking group.

“The Minitel was a classic, centrally controlled and top-down creation of the French elite,” Mr. Billaut said. But blogs, since they are “embraced by ordinary people,” he said, “will flip the rigid power pyramid of French society.”

As elsewhere, the grass-roots freedom of blogs is a problem for French companies as advocacy groups and skeptical consumers take strong views online, said Cyril Klein, marketing director of Scanblog, a blog-monitoring service in Paris.

#2 joseph on 08.09.06 at 5:58 pm

I am keen to anticipate the impact of blogging on our future life. I recommend you to read Malcom Gladwell thereon and the comments he got. Quite enlighting!

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