Mysore Ayurveda

After a good trip on the Air Mauritius flight from Mauritius to Mumbai we landed half an hour earlier than scheduled. The Mumbai Airport was chaotic as usual; I saw no improvement in the cleanliness. I had to wait for my wheelchair for a good half hour after the exit of all the passengers. I was glad to meet my old friend Oscar who is still in post as the Station Manager of Air Mauritius @ Bombay Airport. I have to admit that there was a substantial improvement at the immigrations counters. The immigration and customs halls were well planned; the queue was orderly managed and the immigration & customs officers were courteous and welcoming. A pleasant surprise for me!

The hassle came when we had to check in our baggage to our flight to Bangalore at the international airport. A queue of at least 30 passengers for only two counters at 1 am in the morning. The average check in per person took at least 5 minutes per person. Luckily we had Bob Fernando to help us through. We just had to relax and wait. Patience is a virtue to acquire and practice in those circumstances. Mr. Raju Kulkarni, a friend of Bob drove from Poona ( 200 kms away) purposefully to meet us.He runs Roj Entreprises. He took us to a restaurant to relax and have some tea while we were waiting for the flight scheduled at 6.45. A very pleasant and kind person was Mr. Kulkarni. Marie Anne, observing the shape of his face and body morphology could guess that he was a joyful, easy going and generous character. This was later confirmed by Bob who told us how generous Raju was and how, with his kindness and generosity, became prey of unscrupulous associates. Raju fortunately is a creative entrepreneur and has been able to sustain these temporary shortcomings. His main activity now is in the export of seafood out of India.

We spent a good 3 hours talking to Raju, knowing him better and learning about his projects.

We enjoyed therafter a very smooth flight and arrived in Bangalore, where we were met by Mr. Babu in the morning cool weather. He had arranged for us to freshen up at his office before starting our car journey to Mysore.

The 2 hour and a half trip in a comfortable Toyota 4 wheel drive car, was quickly passed as we were tired enough to snore and catch up with some sleep.

We thus reached IVAC a few minutes to Midday where we were led to our chalet apartment Hatai. After medical consultation with the ayurvedic doctor, we had lunch at about 3.30 p.m.! By taking our pulses, the doctor could tell our physical history since childhood, that I was always overweight, very active and organized, that I did not look after my eating habits well, not eating at regular times (which was true!). He also guessed that I liked spicy foods. The way to take the pulse reminded me of the consultation I had with the chinese doctor in Montreal. In fact, it turns out that through ayurvedic practice, the doctor can read 72 types of information pertinent to your general health, biological & emotional! My treatment started in the same evening with body massage and enema. We are in a detoxification phase (panchakarma).