Departure Today

Yes, the great today has arrived. Thanks to all of you who have contacted us to wish us a bon voyage and a good sejourn in India.

I came to realise more so the power of internet communications, particularly these few days. We have been able to communicate, leave instructions and do what have to be done..banking arrangements …etc so fast and neatly through the net.

I used my Skype call facility fully these last days. Only a few minutes ago I had spoken to my friend in Manila who called me to wish me best of luck for me ayurveda experience. I am in awe.

In the next hour, I shall be off the Bombay connecting a few hours later a Jet airways flight to Bangalore.We have booked a car for our drive to Mysore.

I am thrilled and have equipped myself with enough books,CD and dvds to last the next 10 weeks.I am confident to come out a new man when I shall be back to base in Mauritius.They promised me that internet connections are available in my next week’s outpost. So until then… See you.