Ayurveda Treatment 1

You will recall that in October last, I dropped in a few lines about Ayurveda. During these last months I have been reading a fair deal about this ancient India medicine and more importantly I have been inquiring about the possibility of undergoing therapy for my condition.

I have now decided and all arrangements are now done. My dear old friend, Bob has arranged for me to spend 10 weeks at the center. I am planning to leave on next Tuesday 22 November for 10 weeks. You will probably hear from me from Mysore, once I am settled in the Ayurvedic center.

I must admit that I have visited Mysore and the surrounding area of Bangalore some 30 years ago. I had the chance to stay in those days in the Raja of Mysore in his palace. Things have obviously changed since. You will understand my excitement to go back to place where I visited in my youth!

I still carry today, 40 years after, the same spirit of adventure and of discovery. These new experiences will only bring to me more learning and will broaden the limits of my knowledge.

Let me wish & hope that the therapy I shall undergo will be beneficial to my health. The least that I say to myself: I have tried. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

This reminds me of a story:

Once upon a time there was that poor guy, who for a couple of weeks, had been with great faith, diligently and faithfully praying & asking God to make him win the lottery. He was in great need of money to achieve a project dear to him. After the weeks of supplications, he became nervous as his request was not met by the Lord. Coming back from the chapel where he daily went to his prayer, that morning he met a friend and shared his anxiety to him. “For weeks now, the Lord has not dared to answer to my request, I am starting to get fed up” he told his friend. The friend replied back: “Did you buy a lottery ticket at least to give God a fair chance to help you?” “Aha” he said.