Premier Wen

I was glued to my TV this morning watching the press meeting of China’s Premier Wen following the National People’s Congress NPC and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).I even delayed to eat my breakfast prepared religiously every morning and with love by my wife.

The calmness of Premier Wen in addressing the very delicate & pertinent questions raised was for me the prime of my appreciation and interest. China has moved from a secretive authoritian ruling Communist party to greater transparency. Corruption and concentration of power were strong issues taken up. His replies were tactful, to the point, firm when necessary and sometimes appropriately filled with a tint of philosophical thoughts. He delivered structured, well thought of, easy to understand in short, perfect deliveries though being impromptu and on the spot He has also been humble and honest whilst at the same time being inspiring and very hopeful for the future, in issues regarding China’s failure to attain the target set for the level emission of carbon dioxide. He clearly made his point and that of China regarding Tibet and the Dali Lama issue made by a member of the French press. I enjoy learning from Premier Wen’s performance.

I must admit that I was happily surprised to hear and see the openness of Premier Wen in accepting to be questioned in some of the hottest issues. At one stage I thought that it was a make up to project “erroneously” the image of China. When I heard the question put in by the Taiwanese press, I changed my mind.

The Chinese slice of my genes stirred and I was proud to have been born in China and to possess this very Chinese portion in my metissage.


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