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The story of an industry bringing in substantial revenue to Mauritius and gave an international recognition to the craft of Mauritian artisan only started less than forty years ago.Ships of Mauritius! I use to boast that may be Mauritius owns the world’s largest shipping yard of naval sailing ships. I saw the birth of this industry and followed its development and growth. The teething issues of the transport were the transport of the bulky Ship model to comply with the baggage allowance of the passenger. Air France accepted to make special concession for the transport by air at special Cargo rates.

The model boat business started in 1969 when Raphael Touze, the first French ambassador to the newly independent country, admired a model made by a friend of his chauffeur’s and ordered one for himself. The hobbyist, Jose Ramar, was so proficient at turning out these small masterpieces that Mr. Touze had the plans of the great ships of history sent to him from the Musee de la Marine in Paris, France’s leading maritime museum. Mr. Ramar recruited a few friends, and his hobby became a business.

Was it not for the idea and drive of Raphael Touze we would still be looking for some creative handicraft ideas? What have we learnt from this page of history which could be replicated?

“Flowers of the world”  by Maujean,was another idea which caught on quite well so somtime until the novelty of the idea worn off.


#1 Touze on 12.18.12 at 4:22 pm

Many thanks to you; Raphaël Leonard was my father, and i remember when Jose and himself started with “Saint Gerant”, followed by “Astrolabe”. those two first units are in my family since, and I rember all those days where both Jose and my father were so enthousiast about it,
Philippe TOUZE

#2 Touze on 12.18.12 at 4:25 pm

The driver (Jose’s friend) had also a big part of it. if not having preented Jose to daddy.
His name was : Christian Adolphe de Saint Martin!

#3 Touze 's son Philippe on 06.06.13 at 5:50 pm

Thank you for those kind comments on my father.
In fact allow me to bring some:
Daddy was in Paris at the Marine Museum, when he saw the “Paul and Virginie”. So he decided to bring the plans in Mauritius. His driver, who is still alife was Christian Adolphe de S MARTIN.Christian introduced Jose to my father. Then , they decided to built the first vessel, based on those plans. It was immediatly a success, and they decided to go further with the ASTROLABE.
I remember how proud was my father to see the French culture and history through those boats remembered to all.
Thanks to you and to those who pursue this achievement.
Daddy dies in 1997. He was followed a few month later by Gaetan Duval. I remember Gaetan visiting my father some days before he died. I was there to welcome him.
Thanks again

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