Cousin Young from Mei Xien

In my reading of the scripture today,in the First Letter to the Corinthians, it was greatly about Faith Hope and Love. I am amazed to have lived last night of the impact of the love given by my grand mother to his brother more than have a half  century ago.

Grand mother born in the Young family left China in the early 20’s to join Grand Pa in Mauritius. She left behind in Mei Xien two girls with her mother in law and I bet that she would never have thought then  that she would have give birth to 16 more babies there after. She lived a life of abundance and love.

As things turned out, earning a good living in Mauritius, Grand Pa sent back money to his folks. Like wise Grand mother’s folks were not forgotten. Her folks were also sent in money from time to time.Some uncles even estimated that more than half of Grand Pa earning were sent back through the years.

It is interesting to note that on the one hand Chinese were considered as aliens to the British colony,on the other hand being treated as aliens, the chinese residents also had in mind to return back to home once they had made enough money. I noted that both my father and mother though born in Mauritius travelled on a Chinese issued laisse passer to China in 1946, they did not have a  British travel document.

This very act of love of our grand Parents produced last night an almost miracle. Our connection with the folks of our grand mother’s side of her Young family had been severed more than 40 years ago. Ever since grand mother passed away, there had been no communication between us in Mauritius and the Young family in Mei Xien. The near miracle is the meeting of grand ma’s grand newphew in Mauritius.

Cousin Young, now 50 years old, since his childhood knew that he had an aunt living in Mauritius who regularly sent in money to his grand father and family.  This week, he traveled to Mauritius to survey the possibility of supplying construction labour to Super Construction a builder. He inquired about the family and was directed to us.

It was a great rejoicing last night for cousin Young and the family to meet and to establish back relationship with grand ma folks. Thank you grand parents for the generosity sowed half a century ago.  We have reaped one of the  fruit of your love.


#1 Marguerite on 10.24.08 at 6:58 am

Wow, what a miracle indeed! Thanks Joseph, for sharing this piece of “mango” reaped from our grandparents’ garden, among so many delightful mangoes from your own garden that I have been helping myself to on this very first visit to your very sunny and balmy blog.

#2 joseph on 10.24.08 at 9:36 pm

Thanks for the inaugural visit, Thank you for dropping a comment and do come back again.Love to all in cool Ontario.

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