Morris Minor

Morris Minors have been the taxis of Mauritians for decades. I believe that there will be a road show of the vintage Morris Minors soon in Port Louis. My mum learned to drive in one of them, plate number 8937 if I am not mistaken.

The revolutionary Morris Minor was launched at the
Earls Court Motor Show on 20 September 1948.

Sir Alec Issigonis is famous for his creation of the Mini and a range of later cars for the British Motor Corporation (BMC), but he became known to the general public for designing the Morris Minor. It was conceived as a vehicle to combine many of the luxuries and conveniences of a good motor car with a price suitable for the working classes. The Morris Minor, when compared with competitor products in the late 1940s and throughout the 1950s, excelled as a roomy vehicle with superior cornering / handling characteristics. Over 1.6 million of the lightweight, rear-wheel drive car were eventually produced, mainly in Cowley, Oxfordshire, and exported around the world, with many variants of the original model. Production continued in Birmingham, England through to 1971 (for the commercial variants and estate only), and it remains a well loved and collected vehicle.

Koung Koung’s club II

This Saturday afternoon, the cronies got together to have a chat and a cup of Chinese tea between the rounds of Pen Kim, Chinese narrow cards. I gather that  SIOW AH FEE just came back from Hong Kong and brought back an American car. Good for him, it appears that Gold and jewellery business is doing well. By the way, the third wife of Mr. Li, is expecting another child this week, after the first son she delivered a baby girl, let us hope that she has a son this time.

Koung Koung retorted: you will recall that some years ago, Mr. Li suggested that I avail myself of a second wife? Well, let me tell you what I found: when Mr. Li had two wives, he had to devise a roaster to ensure whose turn it would be to prepare the warm water for the daily bath. Now with the third wife on board, I found that every day, Mr. Li is lighting up the fire to warm water for his new wife and preparing the bath tub for her and him. I do not want to be in the same situation as our good friend Mr. Li. The cronies had a good laugh and carried on their game of Chinese narrow cards.