My earlier cars

The first car I owned was a Toyota MK1 , plate number Z941, and was olive green in colour. It was purchased for Rs.13500 from an expatriate who had the car for a year.

I had crashed Dad’s car AA404 in an accident past Newgrove area. It was in the days when I was working as the sales officer of Air India and needed to attend duties at Plaisance airport. It was equipped with a 3shift gear transmission box and a powerful 1300 cc engine. It was a 5 passenger’s car as the front seats could take 2 passengers besides the driver. I sold it for Rs. 11000 after a year or so, to a taxi driver when I was provided with a car by Rogers and company when I had taken the responsibility of the air cargo division.

My next car then became the Mini Van number plate V993 before being allotted an Allegro.