WAY Group

On the Mauritian scene of grocery stores, in the span of 4 years, WAY group has forged a prominent position. Why and How? It is worthy to note that the Brand WAY is local, coined and created for the purpose. Since, it has made his way. In four years the total turnover of the group should attain 2.6 billion rupees with a rate of growth of 20% per annum. WAY group has 13 outlets for the time being and more stores will be branded WAY in the coming future.

What binds the group of supermarkets? What drives their success?

Originally in 2004, a group of nine retail outlets decided to create an independent buying force and more importantly to create a Brand with common shared values which are recognised by its clients.

What are the distinctive WAY values and offerings?

1. Customer Proximity. In all stores, WAY believes that their customers are their reason to exist. WAY are in proximity of their customers.

2. Effective Service and range of products. WAY offer effective service and a range of products to suit the needs of their customs.

3. Value for money Pricing. Through their bulk buying and collective negotiations with suppliers, WAY provides value for money pricing.

Through these 3 WAY values statements are deployed strategies and action plans that enable the store operators to live and deliver continuously  the promises that they make to their ‘reasons to exist’ customers.We shall  learn later of the strategies and action plans on a new posting.

No customers: No WAY.