Creole B E C proposal

Kreole as an option to improve the effectiveness of our education system in Mauritius?

Have you read the article of Jimmy Harmon on L’Express of the 4th November. Do you think the proposal is feasible?

Not being an expert in education, I support the idea of using the mother tongue, the easiest communication vehicle to access further learning. The underlying principle would be: to learn from ‘known to unknown’. Indeed, I rather watch and enjoy Louis de Funes or Benny Hill in the original version. True! Reading R. Tagore in Bengali must have an enhanced flavour as much as hearing ‘zistoire ti jean in Creole’. I for one can express my sentiments better and easier in Creole despite the practice and use of English all through his education years.

The political issues and the unspoken battle of ‘protecting one’s turf’ , be it for the teachers and the education establishment who have to adjust their deliverables, be it for the politicians -whose main outcome is more towards gaining mileage to be re-elected-, be it the parents of the various social-strata who fear changes, have to be trashed out.

What is your opinion?