WAY Group (part II)

The three Values statement is translated into strategies deployed throughout the stores.

1. WAY Customer Proximity means that the supermarkets are ideally situated to serve their respective areas. Each WAY operator knows their customers’ needs. As much as the customers may identify the owners of the store the owners will endeavour to know each regular customer. As opposed to corporate stores, most of the WAY stores are ran by the owners who are able to take on the spot decisions. WAY stores are people store. Every store has a customer solution provider desk.

2. WAY Effective Service and range of products means a clean, comfortable environment with efficient service. Most stores offer Fresh produce and fresh bread. With modern computer assisted equipments WAY stores indentify the best and most popular range of products in their offer.

3. WAY Value for money Pricing means a fair price to the customers which has been achieved through the best bulk buying systems managed by the group. Efficient operations within the stores and tight control overall logistics and distribution costs ensure best value for the customers. WAY stores have lean management processes in place.


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