Chinese Language

I just love it.

My chinese ancestry is boiling in me.

The chinese language and the creative hand of God

Who among all these [God’s creatures] does not know That the HAND OF THE LORD has done this, In whose HAND is the life of every living thing, And the breath of all mankind? Job 12:9,10, NKJV

Few realize that the early Chinese (c. 2200 B.C.) worshiped a Creator-God, the Heavenly Ruler. Fewer still have appreciated the “second Genesis” which their ingenious ancient character writing contains. 1 The 4,000-year-old Imperial Sacrifice ceremony observed annually by China’s reigning emperors attests to their original post-deluge patriarchal connections. 2 A word-of-mouth knowledge of God (even the Trinity), the Creation, Garden of Eden, and Fall of man, could have come to them from Adam via Lamech, Noah’s father; and Noah’s son, Shem, the probable Chinese progenitor.


#1 Angi on 03.29.09 at 5:04 am

Dear Joseph,

I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but in the Chinese language (and Philosophy) there is no such thing as God. t’ien,天… means Heaven or Nature. Everything but a religious or sacred notion of God the creator.

Throughout history it’s interesting how westerners have consistently tried to create a God the creator in China.
Descartes said “I think therefor I am”. But where do our thoughts come from? How much of our thoughts are preconceived ideas? And more interestingly what is behind our persistent need to want everybody to see our world our way? Why do we refuse to accept others the way they are, with their beliefs and thoughts?
I think it speaks more about our uncertainties than of our certainties of what the Truth is.

#2 joseph on 03.29.09 at 3:04 pm

Unfortunately I have a scanty or almost nil knowledge of the Chinese language and philosophy. What I know there of is biased by the language through which I use to acquire the knowledge.Thank you for your comments which I welcome.
I am a firm believer that the vision of others enrich our own vision.

#3 Angi on 03.29.09 at 8:51 pm

Indeed it does, but only through empathy and inclusion not by distortion or subversion.

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