Kristel & Olivier

The great day is here today the 4th July: In America it is Independence Day. For me this is a very special day. My whole family has come together to celebrate an occasion worthwhile for them to fly in from Toronto and Montreal. It has been a while since Stephane, our daughter and children as well as Olivier, our son are together with us at the same time. Marie Anne is going to perform her task of taking  Olivier to the altar!

We are going to be all ears  to witness the formal pronunciation of the vows of Olivier and Kristel to bond together their lives in the sacrament of Marriage.I am so pleased that Olivier and Kristel have decided  to come back home to take their vows solemnly in front of their parents and close relations. Sure, it is an undertaking, which in these modern times, is not as easy that before because of the fast changing mentalities and the pressures of the time.They have the blessing of God and the gathering.

Whilst one may think that a wedding is only the private engagement between the two persons, I still believe that this very private exchange of vows has an impact on the families and society at large. It is the creation of a new family unit. The ‘yes’ exchanged has far reaching repercussions. They promise to each other: to bond their lives together to love each other, to look after one another with all their might and to ensure their partners’ happiness afore of their own.

To pronounce these vows in presence of their love ones and more importantly in front of God is a well thought decision, when the matter has been thought of seriously in the preparation sessions which preceded this celebration. They had the time and leisure through the weekends spent together with specialists to discuss the issues which may crop up in their married life.

The family and friends gathering for this celebration and rejoicing is the record this momentous event and more importantly to accompany the newlyweds with their prayers and good wishes. In a way, the gathering by their presence not only witness the voluntary free will decisions of the parties concerned to bond their lives, the gathering promises support to the new family unit thus created with their support.

To Kristel & Olivier, May God accompanies you in your chosen common path…