Fresh Fish for sales


Recently I saw that the progress in quality of Fresh Fish sales. Stationed in different locations at different times fresh fish is sold in different locations of the island by a roaming truck. What a difference from the ‘Banian’, fish monger who travels on his motorcycle carting his lot of fish in his doubtfully clean basket at ambient hot temperature!

I gathered from my wife that over the radio there was again some talk on fish farming. Whilst it may be true that 6 kgs of wild fish are required to breed 1 kg of farmed fish the question to be asked is: are the 6kgs of wild fish used to make the feed consumable in form and taste to the population? On the other hand it is rumored that the feed used contain elements that are unsafe from health, some even mentioned pork meat? As far Ferme Marine de Mahebourg is concerned, after inquiry, I was assured that the feed used are to the standard of the EEC which stipulates that the farm uses feed that are natural , non toxic and animal free.

According to the FAO the share of farm fish in the world consumption is increasing. However it is necessary to regulate Fish Farming to norms that are eco friendly and to adopt practices that are development sustainable. As such, I am sure that the government who’s role is to be the watchdog has to ensure that operator’s abide to rules that are set.

Surprisingly enough, you must have heard or even seen TV documentary on the infamous breeding of Pengasius in Vietnam and in the Mekong area, and yet the European Community is still authorising the import of the fish in its territories. Is it a case of a few infamous producers that are creating adverse publicity to the healthy industry?

Mauritius is a relatively large Ocean country and its future may well be exploiting its sea potential of which Marine Fish Farming is one of them.