Cars are there to stay

Having worked for a number of years in several car dealerships, my interest in cars got even more extensive and eager. I had the chance to visit assembly plants in Japan and India. The visit to Isuzu museum was very enriching, as I relived  the history of car manufacturing in Japan in 1998.

As a child I was always fond of cars as many boys of my age. I was lucky that  I was born in a family that owned  cars.  As such, I knew  about cars, more  than the average  teenage boy in my class. The  first time I drove was when I was 11 years old. At first I read and collected all I could lay hand on English cars, Rover as my grand father always had one. Later on, my interest got wider: one of my uncle had a red sports car Sunbeam Alpine, another uncle who was also frantic on cars has several sporty cars..Triumph, Ford and Toyota Celica.

I had my first car accident when I was only 12 or 13. It was a terrible experience, I attemped to move the cargo van in front of my parents store and seriously damaged my uncle’s car parked just in front. The clutches pedals were to high for the small boy I was. Dad did not get mad at me. I was myself full of shame. I still recall that I wrote a note to my dad to promise him that I was not drive till until I got a driving licence. I held on to my promise and got my driving licence a few days after my 18th birthday.

Should be  interested as I am in cars and particularly in the history of cars, I would advise you to purchase a DVD from Histomobile. There is little need today to possess a  hard copy car encyclopedia as I used to have.

In this world of today, carless society seems impossible. Cars of tomorrow, I imagine will be more efficient and more friendly to the ecology. Can you guest the number of persons in the world making a living off the car industry? The very recent shake out of Chrysler, GM and the major car manfacturers will give you an idea of the impact of the car industry and the related  industries on the world economy. Car industry is transforming and yet is there to stay for a long while.


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