Blessed by the Sun

Blessed by the sun is not a new religion or sect that is being instituted. These we were the words that came to my mind this morning. Why? Sometimes ideas or words come to your conscious without a clear logical explanation. I need then to drill a bit into the head to elicit the words associations which coagulated the ideas.

I got it now. Two days ago, I got interested into solar energy and the recent development brought about in this field after viewing a BBC program. In great splash was reported a race of solar driven cars competing in Taiwan last week. This race unique in his kind was opened to young innovators. The event was sponsored by a Taiwanese solar panel developer: Motech. They aligned in the race prototype cars to show the world the possibilities opening to solar powered cars. Thereafter, I spent a few hours browsing the internet and searching for new developments in the field. Of interest, I found out that the UK is promoting small scale generation of sustainable energy.

Yesterday afternoon on the MBC, I heard Henri LOO the President of the association of Mauritian Architect promoting the benefits of the services of professional Architects. I could not resist putting in a comment on the designing of our houses to benefit from the effective use of the ecology to minimize our use of energy.

The AHA…trigger was in this morning’s news bulletin. Gasoline & Cooking Gas prices have increased with immediate effect. In the supposed modern building where I am now living, it is a real waste that the designers and promoters did not use solar panels to meet our needs in hotwater. Our hot water supply is fired by Gas. In a country blessed by the sun, it is really pitiful! We thought we could convert to Solar Panels. The answer by professionals was: the roofs can not take the systems.

In some parts of Colorado, USA, some proto- type residential buildings and houses are now being tested. The habitations intelligently designed not only to meet all energy needs of the building and the needs of the habitants and have surplus electrical power to sell. This has been made possible by optimizing the consumption of energy and capturing the sources provided by nature.

In our country, blessed by the Sun Power, I wonder what we are waiting for to follow! Is it the responsibility of the Ministry of Energy? Is there research going on this field? I knew a few years ago, Maurel had a go in manufacturing of Photovoltaic cells? Since, much progress has been achieved in the technology. Does MRC or the University follow up these technological progresses? Mauritian Entrepreneurs , Is there gold to be dug there?

To be cynical: Who cares? The sun keeps on shinning though!

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine, let the sun shine in! A melody I used to play on my guitar when I was a band leader in the second half of my glorious 60’s!