Wow ! I met with an old friend this week. Old acquaintance of some 48years Bob is. He has not been very present in Mauritius recently mainly due to his frequent overseas trips. I learnt only now, that he conducted a survey for Harvard to identify and evaluate the quality of treatment dispensed by Ayurvedic centers in India. I found my man. Through his contact and network, Bob is trying to fit me with the best of the best for my condition.

It has been my wish to go for Ayurvedic treatment in India for a while. I understood from a common friend that Iqbal M… who had severe nerves and muscles atrophies following a car accident had made spectacular progress following Ayurvedic treatments.

Needless to say, I have been the last few days an avid searcher of the internet on Ayurveda. The more I read the more I like it. I feel very comfortable as Ayurveda seems to be close to some of my deep roofed beliefs. Mind body & soul are part of the same system and are interlinked. This axiom is the basis concept of psychoneuroimmunity. Humans are influenced by the 5 elements: Vata is Ether and Air; Pitta is Fire and Water; Kapha is Water and Earth. The Chinese TAO principle finds a new value to me.

You can understand now my new excitement. I am looking forward to a trip to India soon. Very much for me a return to memory lanes where in my younger dates I had at the start of my working life, I had so many discoveries.

The trip to India is definetly a new challenge to look forward to and new experiences to live for!

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[…] You will recall that in October last, I dropped in a few lines about Ayurveda. During these last months I have been reading a fair deal about this ancient India medicine and more importantly I have been inquiring about the possibility of undergoing therapy for my condition. […]

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