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Alternative Medecine: Acupuncture

In my earlier blog, in April 2007, I wrote about laser puncture therapy which I underwent in France some time back. Whilst there is gain of interest in alternative medicine in the western world, there is definitely a greater interest in taking care of one’s body. This is one of the thesis of Professor Maffesoli when he explained that there is greater awareness of our body. Michel Serres , another great thinker of our time also wrote extensive of the accrued awareness of our physical body.  Preventive care of one’s body is ever increasing. During my last visit to Singapore where I visited my uncle who had a similar stroke, I understood that besides his routing twice weekly physio-therapy his doctors advised a weekly session of acupuncture for his general health. Does acupuncture re-establish the functioning of your vital organs? Practitioners of reflexology and massages vouch that regular massages does promote well being. Now I am having my weekly session of foot reflexology by my brother in law, David.

I am of opinion that if one can save himself from taking in drugs and use alternative care instead, one should be healthier. Drugs while curing some ailments necessarily have disruptive effects elsewhere. We know for use that pain killers in whatever form taken, relieves the patient but taken in the long term has adverse effects on other part of our body. I am a great believer of the harmony of the body. Our body has the capacity of readjusting to restore a balance within itself much like water always goes back to find its own level.

Ancient Chinese Healing Method for Stress and Diseases

Acupuncture, as an alternative medical practice, is now making headway in the Western world. It is now accepted as a drug-free treatment and method of stress relief. Practiced in China for more than 2,000 years, acupuncture is a therapeutic system that makes use of sterilized needles for the purpose of restoring the body’s equilibrium. The needles are inserted on specific vital points that correspond to a specific internal organ. The light insertion of the needle into a vital point is supposed to free the flow of internal energy or “chi.” According to Chinese medical theory, any blockage in the flow of chi in the body’s “energy streams” or meridians can an imbalance in the body — resulting to an illness. The natural flow of chi ensures a person’s general state of health. The focus of acupuncture is on restoring harmony in the flow of the chi throughout the body and, in the process, balancing the metaphysical concepts of yin and yang.

Acupuncture is used to treat a wide range of ailments such as nausea, sinusitis, migraine headaches, lower back pain, knee pain, and chronic pain. Ancient Chinese texts also claim that the acupuncture can be used to treat minor mental and emotional problem such as anxiety disorder. For this reason, some even compare the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of acupuncture to the Western medical discipline of psychology. Both are seen as similar disciplines or therapy methods that have a positive effect on the mental health of patients.

The true benefits of acupuncture are found in its efficacy as a non-invasive, drug-free means of alleviating a number of physical ailments. It is also used in conjunction with traditional Chinese herbal cures that are perceived to be as effective as modern pills and medication. Acupuncture is concerned not only with providing cure to specific ailments. It is also used to determine the causes of physical discomforts and illnesses. Acupuncture practitioners make use of body charts that show the meridians or channels where internal energy flows to different parts of the body. These meridians correspond to the Western medicine layout of the central nervous system and circulatory system.

Studies are still being made by Western doctors and other scientists to determine the efficacy of this Eastern alternative form of healing. Even if acupuncture already accepted in different parts of the world as an alternative healing method, some quarters are still skeptical about its long-term effects.

While there are still no research findings that make the curative claims about acupuncture absolutely undisputable, it is interesting to note the depth of understanding that the Chinese had about the inner workings of the human body thousands of years before the formal organization and practice of Western medicine. Perhaps, one day, scientists will finally prove that the differences between Eastern and Western medicine is found mostly in culture and terminology; and that both systems are actually alike in terms of philosophy and theory in the use of the needle as a tool for healing.

A blog which I regularly read.

Good Bye Mysore


To bid farewell or to say goodbye may sometimes prove a more difficult task than you can imagine. Having spent over more than nine weeks at the center, I admit that I have taken some habits and mode of living which now I will have to part with. The material comfort and amenities are not the most important things to leave behind: the atmosphere and hospitality climate held by the people are what I shall have to forego. The smiles of the garden hands, the namaste greetings of the therapists met in the yard and the cordial welcoming of the staff which I have begun to know by their first names, the care and attention given by the medical team and last but not least, the friendliness of fellow co- residents will soon vanish for ever, as if it would be the end of a film in which I was one of the actors.

A new page has to be turned. A new page will soon open with, in the background, the memories, experiences of this Mysore hideaway. Life could never ever be the same again! My vision of life is now tinted with the learnings gained through the interactions with persons of such variety and from so many origins. Young,middle aged ,retired, be it from Europe Britain,France,Italy , Spain, Germany ,Austria,Australia , America, Canada,India,Japan, Singapore almost the world has been present. The time frame is lost forever, it cannot be reconstructed again in the same place, same setting with the same persons.

The wonderful moments are in the realm of memories now, too bad if one did not catch them to the fullest of their intensity and made the most of it.

I found that I whisked through the ten weeks. I did not have time to get bored. As opposed to my earlier fear, eating vegetarian for the period was a song! The massage treatments were a bliss and the health care was excellent and the hospitality wonderful. There were quite a number of minor improvements that could have been made to bring to perfection my stay. Perfection they say is not of this world!

I came to buy more mobility in my limbs, I came out without the mobility improvements sought for but depart now with a luggage filled up with love from the staff and co- residents and contented with a nice break from my routine life and hopefully a better body , mind & soul condition.

Thank you all for making my stay an enjoyable and enriching experience. Hopefully the mobility will come at a later stage. Golden cell 208 is now free!

Happy Birthday Dr. P S Muralidhar


Dear Doctor
Not every single day of your life is the same.
Each day brings its lot of happiness and challenges
because isn’t it life a continuous quest
for equilibrium between the opposing forces?
Today is so special for you.
Blessed was the day when many of moon ago
Out of the love of two persons so dear to
you came the emerging fruit of their union.
Propulsed by the initial impetus given by your parents
you have contrived with your own will and efforts
to forge yourself into the talented person you are today.
Teacher, as you have been trained, you will always be
a knowledge source to your entourage
Your delicate ways and keen attention to the needs of others
are the living proof of your Hippocratic oath
Even your Carnatic talents and singing
gift direct to the healing of mankind.
Man of so much talent I had the privilege to meet.
I am so thankful to the Almighty for this grace
I pray the Lord to bless you and your family to be accompanied by Him forever.
The departure of your daughter this week end from the family nest: like a small bird reaching maturity,
she will be flying on her own wings to catch the wind of success! True, a pinch of the heart may well be felt, but this will quickly be inundated by a feeling of hope at the prospect of the world opening to her
Isn’t it our aim: to nurture new spirits to cultivate our world?


Kriya Yoga

ivac treatment hut

India without yoga could not be India. It may well be yet another gift that India has to offer to the western world. “Kriya Yoga brings about an integrated transformation of the individual in all five planes of existence: physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual. Everyone can practice it and thus find happiness and peace.”

Yesterday, since I was confined to my room, during the day & because during the PanchaKarma treatment no one is not allowed to be exposed to the windy atmosphere, I did not witness the arrival of this large group of 20 persons strong at the center. I later got to meet and exchange with a few of the group who are all disciples of a yogi master who has his Ashram in Quebec. They come from all over the world in pilgrimage to south India with their teacher Marshall Govindan Satchidananda, who I saw from afar later at lunch.

I was told that the individuals of group come from all walks of life, all bonded by the practice of Kriya Yoga and meditation as revealed by Babaji. The world wide coverage of Marshall Govindan Satchidananda’s teachings & achievements, as seen on the net, seem impressive. Browsing at the website is well worth the while. Even Mauritius and Reunion islands are listed in the world wide contact

Good Bye Mr & Mrs Lee


I can only have wonderful souvenirs of the interesting conversations at the lunch & diners with the Lee Family, who bid me farewell at lunch time today.They are on the way back to Singapore and will be catching a flight from Bangalore late in the night. Mrs Penny Lee decided to have their last diner Indian meal this time at yet another Ayurveda center, SOUKYA near Bangalore.I had earlier understood that Mr. Lee after these ten days of strict vegetarian regime  he was looking forward to a good hearty non vegetarian meal once out of the center.In these circumstances, the stronger sex has always the last word!

The Lees are half retired. Mr. Lee was an accountant before, now converted to his wife passion and work: Pottery. They create artistic pottery and have every 2 years a sales exhibitions. The rest of the time they spend traveling overseas. Penny just loves India and visits very often.She is right now preparing another trip to trek in the Himalayas.Yes this kind of expedition requires prior training both in terms of physical fitness and mental strength.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Lee. You have lightened the burden of my confinement. Hope to see you some other time.

dsc01718.JPG lees


I had a very quiet night lat night. They proposed a Indian violin concert from 6 to 7 pm just before dinner.All residents went for their meal thereafter. They were allowed dessert in spite of the strict regime being imposed on those who are being treated under Panchakarma. Life carried on as usual in the stillness of the place.We could hear from afar the muffled sounds of celebrations and could see all so often a glow from the fire crackers.

This was my New Year’s eve in Mysore.

Happy New Year to all of you

India & Germany united in China

Good bye Sowmya & Bernd  and many thanks for the wonderful time spent together at the dinning hall of IVAC. To night was their last diner as they are leaving to morrow.

As is often the case when asked “where I came from”, I would give the inquiring person 5 chances to guess the country and offer a prize of 50 rupees if he or she would successfully give the answer.Most of the time,it would be impossible to get the correct answer.This time Sowmya played the game in reverse to me. I had to guess: where they were living? Sowmya by her looks and for having observed her for a while was Indian from the area as I could make out that she could speak Kannada to the waiters.Her husband by the accent, & complexion would be German.I was not able to guess that they were residing in China Beijing in spite of the hint given to me that they lived in an Indian neighboring country.

I had great fun talking to the newly wed couple and got to know them a little bit better.We discussed quite lengthy on Sowmya’s views of the India’s society and its evolution.She was educated throughout her secondary education by Catholic sisters and  she had a balanced and qualified opinions on the motives of such apparent acts of generosity on the part of the sisters.She questioned the freedom of choice given, to the third world countries nuns in  India,Switzerland and else where in Europe in serving their “vows”.Are they forced by circumstances, like a way of getting a better living, or do they live up to their vows in total free will?

Bern & Sowmya met in Lausanne, where she was working in the IT department of an international Insurance Company after having worked for sometime in Bangolore. Bern is presently on an overseas posting  in China procuring for his company.

Wish them a prosperous & happy married life!


Before he leaves to San Diego Dr.Talavane Krishna the man who is the creator and engine driving the IVAC’s realization gave a short lecture on yet another Vedic subject which is of great interest to him. His studies in Vaastu was aroused out of necessity. When he started the project of setting up a home in Mysore and an Ayurvedic centre he had so much difficulties.He described:How by getting the positioning and erection of buildings in conformity with the energies changed the course of his life events? He has, by way of this experience learned and studied Vaastu and has now become a Vaastu consultant. Through his studies and his previous Ayurvedic studies, it was relatively easy for him to draw parallels between Vedic Astrology(Jyotish), Avyurveda( the science of well being)and Vaastu( the science of structures) as they all are founded in the same principles and may be sourced in the common Vedic literatures.

During the Q&A session,Dr. Krishna discussed briefly on the similarities & differences between Feng Shiu as there were members of the assembly who were of Chinese origin.Both are art of placement and have their roots in the knowledge of planetary energies and basic elements that govern them.Vaastu considers space, air,fire water and earth whilst Feng shiu Wind,water,fire & air. Height/weight distribution,exalted/debilitated positions and extensions & cuts are additional elements proposed in a more mathematically inclined Vaastu.

He responded to my interrogation on the effects of energies direction when one is situated in the southern hemisphere.According to him the climatic forces orientations being different, in fact opposite,he reckoned that Vaastu reading could be different. The Vedas were observations and writings made for the Northern hemisphere.As to the interplanetary system there would be no changes.

He then presented his book: The Vaastu Workbook, a simple to read book with numerous drawings and practical examples.

Thank you Dr. Krishna for entertaining us and sharing your wide knowledge and experiences.

The New Wave

Time came to bid farewell to a number of newly made friends, ayurvedic companions with the wish to exchange emails and photos. Good Bye to the Shah’s sisters presently London UK, residents, Kenya born who fled Arap Moi’s rule. Good Bye to Leslie & Jessie, Canadian, in the prime of adulthood, who are enjoying sabbatical years after the undergraduate University studies.Farewell to Marlyse of Geneva who is continuing her Kerala state visit in research of deeper ayurvedic knowledge.

 Leslie & Jessie

A new lot of rejuvenation & health seekers have landed at IVAC this week. The house keeping staff told me that they are under pressure as the center is almost housefull. The therapist planning center is now a bee hive.We wish that the additional treatment rooms were ready! A therapist told me, that he has been on his foot since 5.am this morning and will not hit bed before 10.00 tonight. This is high tide for them.
I have met couple of Singaporeans Chineses at time lunch time! As an “old” time resident, I see that change as a new wave of water flowing in the cliff!


Ayurvedic rejuvenation for all walks of life

Jorg & Stephan

Three friends from Frankfurt Germany have decided to spend their holiday to rejuvenate their health.Jorg a much travelled banker at Credit Agricole Frankfurt reported back by email that he was fully satisfied with his stay at IVAC.He came out a new healthy man.Sabine who also accompanied the team returned home refreshed,happily taking up her new  job position and is looking to come back at a later date.As for Stephan, a seasoned traveler being a Lufthansa in flight staff senior instructor,  he simply had a wonderful different holiday.
All these remarks can only vouch for the services and benefits that are provided here.As for myself,though happy with the courtesy and well being provided to me,I am still awaiting for more progress in my mobility.